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Welcome to the Rivers' Movement!

This is the web site of the award-winning Rivers' Movement. Our aim is to create awareness of climate change by means of art, poetry, science, and technology.

Please visit our WIKI for a more detailed description of this project, including aims and objectives.

We are keeping a Development Blog about the work in this project and its evolvement into various work strands.

Free Univ****** of Castleford on Aire

3.September - 15.October 2010

From 3.Sept.2010 to 15.Oct.2010 the Rivers Movement organises an exhibition and a set of workshops with the theme "70 Reasons to Love the Earth" in the Bridge Arts Gallery in Castleford. See detailes below in the calendar.

To book a place on any of the workshops please call Bridge Arts at 01977 556741. Alternatively you can call Bohemian Books on 01977 517262 or email

Our newest book about the activities was published in March 2010:

The Rivers Movement
A Brief History in Photographs
The Rivers Movement by Brian Lewis and Reinhold Behringer | BOOK INFO
The book contains pictures from this project from 2008 until 2010. It is available from

In February 2010 we published this book:

The Rivers Movement
Painters, Print Makers and Photographers
The Rivers Movement Painters, Print makers and Photographers by Brian Lewis - Bob Clayden | Make Your Own Book


The Development Blog

This Google group provide a discussion forum for bringing up issues that are relevant to the work of this project.

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